How Solidarity Works for Welfare: Subnationalism and Social Development in India

Prerna Singh’s book...presents a radically new and original argument....It provides powerful and novel ideas about how to think about policy and promises to have the same sort of impact on political science that Robert Putnam’s book, Making Democracy Work, has had. [read the full citation]

Woodrow Wilson Award
Best Book on Government, Politics, or International Affairs in 2015
American Political Science Association

Singh’s book struck us as an example of wonderful comparative-historical analysis that directly challenges our core ideas about where variations in national welfare state-efforts come from. She starts with a compelling empirical puzzle and develops a plausible theory, tested both through deep case-based analysis and an appropriately modestly interpreted quantitative analysis. [read the full citation]

Barrington Moore Prize
Best Book Published in Comparative Historical Sociology in 2015
American Sociological Association